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  • Owl + USB CM160
  • Remote Home Systems
  • Owl Intuition lc 3 Phase
  • Owl Intuition e
  • Owl micro +
  • Owl Intuition Solar Monitor
Welcome to Thermtec Energy Ltd - Owl Ireland

Owl Energy Monitor & Smart Heating Control


Monitoring Program

Implement a monitoring program to identify and track energy consumption and building performance. Though monitoring in itself will not save any energy it will provide the base line information to monitor trends and identify improvement opportunities.


Owl 3 phase energy monitors wireless electricity monitors for SME.


Owl Intuition internet energy monitors and wifi remote control central heating thermostat system that helps reduce energy use in your home and save money on your electricity bill.



OWL micro+ – a wireless and battery powered energy monitor that helps reduce home electricity consumption.


OWL +USB – a feature rich home energy monitor equipped with a USB port that allows data download to a PC for in-depth data analysis.


OWL Intuition-e – provides real-time access to home electricity consumption data through a web browser, smartphone or tablet.


OWL Intuition-pv – specifically for use with solar pv installations it provides real-time access to home electricity consumption and solar generation data through a web browser, smartphone or tablet.


OWL Intuition-lc – monitors multi-phase electricity feeds in large domestic or light industrial applications, providing real-time access to electricity consumption data through a web browser, smartphone or tablet.


Owl Intuition c / cw / h remote control of your home heating and hot water . Anywhere and at any time. By controlling your home heating from your office, laptop or mobile phone, you spend less money and save on energy usage.


Imagine having full control over your heating timer. No more coming home to a cold house.


Owl heating and hot water controllers entry level intelligent wired room thermostat replacement for combination and system boilers, providing heating monitoring and control via the OWL Intuition web portal or smart phone.


Each module can be added individually to create a total home energy management and control system, helping you to conserve energy, save money and reduce your environmental impact. This unique smart home technology can help you reduce your household energy bills by up to 25%.

Thermtec Industrial Commercial Energy Monitoring Devices

Energy Monitoring evaluates the efficiency of all building components and systems that impact energy use.

Thermtec Energy monitoring equipment and energy management solutions have been designed to provide the end user with the equipment to record and view in Real Time energy consumption on 3 phase circuits, allows for remote monitoring of amp, V, Pf, KWh, KVA, KVar monitoring tools track and display real-time and historical data. It has unique communication interface which allows communication over LAN, RS485, GSM, 3G, Wifi, and Zigbee Pro.

Remote monitoring and control, ethernet controllers, 1 wire sensors and detectors (temperature, humidity, voltages, current, gases concentration, air pressure), GSM/GPRS controllers environmental monitoring, server room monitoring, IP sensor, remote relay board, I/O controller, IP Watch dog, SNMP, SCADA.

Remote energy monitoring and control from anywhere. Our devices give you possibility for remote monitoring and control of almost all around you – temperature, humidity, voltages, current, gases concentration, air pressure etc.

Industrial Cellular 3G, 4G Router, Cellular IP Modems, Zigbee Products, DTU, RTU devices.

We have a wide range of remote control and real time monitoring solutions to cover your companies needs as each system is tailored to suit your requirement and facility.

This is part of a suite of New Energy Monitoring Hardware designed, developed and manufactured by Thermtec Energy which works in conjunction with our Enigma energy monitoring software dashboard. Enables central monitoring and management of multiple sites regardless of geographical location.

The Owl Ireland is independently owned and is not affiliated with 2 Save Energy Ltd UK